Awkward Hitchhiker.

Jack served his mission in Korea, and some of his favorite stories are the ones about a time he had to hitchhike. He thought it was the best because he and and his companion would be trapped with the driver and their company and they'd be able to talk all about the church and get investigators from it.

That being said, whenever I see people attempt hitch hiking, I always tell Jack that I wish we could take them somewhere. Yesterday I got my wish.

We were getting ready to go to Snowflake but had to stop by WalMart and Burger King on the way. After we'd gotten all settled, we began to drive to the freeway, and at the on ramp, lo and behold was a hitchhiker with a sign asking to be taking to Winslow. Before I even knew what was happening, Jack pulled over to the side, I got out and moved the cases of his guns to one side of the car, and she got in.

This situation wasn't scary. She was our age-ish, didn't look like she was coming off anything major, and we were going right through Winslow so why not!? We found out she is studying at NAU for social work, has a boyfriend who was at work, graduated from Winslow High, and likes hard-core punk rock music.

When Jack drives, Winslow is about 40 minutes away. She had a doctors appointment at the Indian Health Care clinic and since J worked there doing an externship all summer, he knew exactly where to go.

Around twenty minutes into the ride, after asking if she wanted french fries and then asking all of the above questions, we had nothing to talk about. I didn't want her to feel awkward, so I kept talking. . . Anything I'd see I would ask her opinion.

Exhibit A:
Me- "Oh my gosh! Look at that dust devil!"
Her-"Yeah. . . . it's cool. . . "
Me- "I know, right!?"

Exhibit B:
Me-"Do you want to marry your boyfriend!!!???"
Her-"Um, on our taxes forms we claim living together. . . "
Me-"Oh my gosh! Fun!"

Exhibit C:
Me-"Really, we totally have a ton of french fries. Are you completely sure you're fine?"
Her-". . . . . starts texting on her phone and doesn't look up till we're there. . . "

When we finally dropped her off and J and I were alone in the car again, he so sweetly looked at me and asked me why I was so nervous to have her in the car. I, shocked-of course, looked back at him and let him know I loved our experience of my first hitchhiker. J pat my head and said, "we don't have to ever do that again. I think you scared her. . . "

PSH! I probably did.


Sister Larson said…
I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! That was exclaimed very loudly. I love your blog because I love your life, and I love your life because YOU are living it, and I love love you. And you already know all of this. But I think this experience is hilarious, and educational, and I love you and Jake together. Fun fun fun! I would love to have been the stranger that got picked up by you two. Seriously. It would be something worth telling over and over again. You are the best, Verity! :) Good job!
jessica said…
Hahahaha this is why I love you Verity. AND why I wish you were still a big part of my life instead of being 300+ miles away...

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