Wiggly Wednesday

I love Wednesdays. Wednesdays are when we have the least amount of homework, the most time to spend doing nothing, all the shopping gets done on Wednesday. . . it's just the best! Jake has been noticing how awesome Wednesdays are too, and today when we were both home from school, he started dancing and just being very him-like. When I asked him what he was doing, he just said "Wiggling!!! Wednesday is here and already half over!!" I love my husband!!

After hearing about his reasoning for "wiggling", we talked about what made him so happy today.
We've decided that from now on, Wednesday is Wiggle Day. . . awkward sounding, I think yes. Worth it, obviously.

Here's what made today Wiggle Worthy

-Charmin t.p. being on super sale
-Continuing the "Awkward at NAU" photography contest (best thing ever)
-Jake running into a stop sign on the way to school
-Me turning around just in time to see the crash
-Him not needing medical attention and laughter beginning
-Still laughing while we waited for the train. . . So what if I'm the only one laughing. . psh.
-Angry Birds for an hour while he was in tutoring for Calculus
-Playing hide and seek in Target
-One word: breakfast (seriously, best meal of the day!!!)

I love Wednesday.


Kylee. said…
what a fun day. Our "wednesday" is Sunday. that's when the real fun begins.
HAHA i love your posts. you're so funny, my friend.
Also, yes, breakfast is by far the best meal of the day especially when eaten for dinner. YUMMMMMM!!

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