I love today.

Today is awesome. Today in my hardest class we had a test. . . and I aced it! I knew the answer to every question before I saw the answers and basically I know for a fact that I a.c.e.d. that thing!

I was so excited (because seriously! this class is hard to me!) that I went for a run and two hours later still had energy. Jake hadn't come home or been out of class since the amazingness, so I called my mom and my dad to tell the my happy happy news. They are so supportive! I love them.

Now Jake is home and working on a timed quiz. I am still happy happy happy. Tonight also is date night and at the NAU theater they're showing Harry Potter 7, part 1! So today is meant to be swell.

I love days like this. They make the hard days worth it! They make studying for 8 hours on a Saturday, and a family home evening of studying and every other day that I don't see Jake because we're both studying so easy to manage! Really! If tomorrow is a horrible day, it'll be totally fine because we both had excellent days!

And this is from a few days ago, but Jake's favorite show is "Chuck" and Chuck himself was singing with Mandy Moore at the Oscars. Now Chuck is close to a best friend.


Anonymous said…
Way to go. Don't you love days like that!
I'm so happy you had wonderful day! Maybe you sucked all the wonderfulness out of the air because mine SUCKED! Haha! But it's being celebrated with Jamba Juice with Karen. I hope you have so much fun with Harry Potter!
Brittany said…
um, i'm so jealous that you get to go see hp 7 right now! say hi to ron for me. ;)
Kylee. said…
Oh I love good days :)

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