I capitalize Spring Break. . .

March is a crazy month for us. It houses Jake's birthday, Saint Patrick's Day, and Spring Break! We love it!

Jake's birthday was so fun! He was really excited for it and so I let him open a present. People, he was E.X.C.I.T.E.D. I got him two things. A blender and a gun. He had a suspicion that he was getting a gun, but I didn't want him to really know. I told him he could pick one the night before and then he had a debate about which one he should open. The bigger box or the smaller blender box. When he realized what he picked, he was hysterical! It was absolutely amusing!!! I gave in and let him open the gun and now he's been planning trips for shooting. Come September, we're going to eat elk every day. Here is documentation of the awesome faces he makes.
Favorite sugary cereal: Reese's Puffs. He's so handsome!

Clearly he chose the red one.

When he realized it's only a blender!!! There were tears in his eyes. Awesome.

He opened the black one so gentle.

The rest of the night he was hiding behind corners being a sniper. It was the best thing ever!

Birthday and birthweek ended and then it was Spring Break! We stayed in Mesa and of course came back with the Curtis pictures!!!He fell asleep and I snooped to see him like this!!!

He does the most amazing elephant crawl thing! I loved it!! I love to tease him and he teases me back!!!
He started coming over and then stopped!

Cowboy is our family's super old dog, but he and the Curtis are seriously best friends. When he stops crawling in this one, he goes straight to Cowboy time before going again! He's so photogenic!It's hilarious.


Brittany said…
how fun!! sounds like you had a wonderful spring break. :)
Kate said…
Haha I love that it was a blender and a gun... what a combo! :) Also, what a cute little married couple you guys are!
how to hill said…
Happy Birthday Jakey-poo!
I'm glad we got to see you two when you came to visit! And that we randomly got to run into you at the "dead animal store" as my nieces and nephews call it. Thanks for doing my hair i needed it! You always do such a good job : )
Sasha said…
Well hayy! Your blog is so fun! Looks like you're super awesome at picking present which is totally a gift, trust me cause I suck. You and your hubs are super cute together!
Becky said…
Nice Gun! What a good wifey you are. What kind of gun is it? Oh and please tell Jake he is not allowed to kill an elk with a pistol... becuase I said so. ;)
Merkley Jiating said…
Great presents!

I love the picture of Curtis. So funny.

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