I called 911 today. . .

and it was so fun. Remember how there are always drunks by my house? Well today there were about thirty. They obviously all hated each other though because there was a HUGE fight! It was bizarre. I was on my way to school (I ride my bike!) and I heard the fight and saw the gargantuan group of people. Then I noticed the people WATCHING and not doing anything. I got out my phone, called the police and no joke. In two minutes 5 police cars zoomed up! It was impressive. I'm proud of Flagstaff for that!

Other than that, today was p.e.r.f.e.c.t. The sun was shining, the snow is melting (temporarily, I'm told) and I can actually not wear three jackets, a hat and gloves when I ride to school. This is great news because usually I look like a pack mule with all the stuff I carry!

Jake news: He gets the chance to "compete" for extra credit in chemistry by building a huge solar oven. It has to boil water faster than the rest of his classmates for him to get any credit. I've been so busy with my schoolwork that I couldn't help him with his design, but he has taken off! The thing is super impressive and he is having really good thoughts about it. I laugh a lot because the oven is just sitting in the middle of our living room. It's the hot chocolate table we never had! I keep kicking it though. . . it's big! I can't help it.

Two Sundays ago it was snowing like crazy! I don't even know how to describe it, so just imagine insane snow blustering about. Jake went out early to get the car scraped and the snow out of the way so we could forge our way to church. Our neighbor Mac saw him and came over and offered us a ride in his truck (fully equipped with 4-wheel drive). I had just popped my head out the door to hear the invitation and rsvp'ed "YES!" on the spot. Church time comes and we all squeeze into the little cabbed truck. It was a tight squeeze for Mac and his wife, Carissa, and Jake and me, but it was excited! I was giddy! I'd never seen anything like this.
We had to go a different way to church because the normal way has a long and big hill that cars usually get stuck on. As we're going the long way, a minivan in front of us is sliding like crazy. My dad is my driving guru and I call him anytime there is ice or rain or snow and he tells me what a good job I did managing NOT to crash! So believe me when I say, my dad would be more impressed with my horrible snow driving skills than theirs! Anyway. They get stuck. We laugh. We help them (another side story is that Jake and I don't have winter footwear so I just wear normal heels to church and he wears his nice shoes. . . so imagine him looking fabulous for a day in the Mesa-spring, trying not to slide in the Flagstaff-spring!) and finally after a good half hour to 45 minutes, we are all at church.

The funny part happens during the third block. Jake finds out that the man he helped is the new Elders Quorum president. He also finds out that he hasn't called his counselors yet. He called on this past Sunday. Guess who has a meeting with him and the bishopric?!?!

We have no idea what's happening and we aren't seriously speculating what's going to happen at the meeting, he could just be called to teach every third Sunday or something, but me.myself.I. like to tease him with the grander possibility of the meeting. I love to tease him about things!

The end.

PS. Ending blog posts is really awkward to me.


Kylee. said…
shesh. Snow. Pretty much can make or break the day. I'm more of a non-snow kind of gal myself. And I mean come on- what are you suppose to wear to church? Snow boots? No, I always where my heels- gotta look cute!
Brittany said…
I wish I lived in Flagstaff with the pretty snow! I'm so jealous. Your life sounds so wonderful!! <3

Ps, I also think ending blogs, and comments, is awkward.

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